Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 


Monsters all over the place

Monsters in Eternal Step are important to us - they are there to make your life a living hell and kill you over and over and over again and we take joy in the fact that that will happen Muwahahahahaha... cough, excuse me. 


MONSTERS: will come in all shapes and sizes and styles. These range from monsters straight out of myth to  monsters from our own imagination. 

We wanted the enemies in the game to be a challenge but we wanted to make them also have a little puzzle sometimes or a good pattern. To us there is nothing more fun then an enemy that has some crazy attack pattern and leaves you on the edge of one more step means death. 

Every enemy has some kind of pattern or tell and we wanted to create the sense that you need to keep moving, you need to keep blocking, you need to keep fighting. 

HOWEVER, we didn't want enemies to just be dull and those enemies you have been fighting for the last 10 floors might suddenly slap you in the face with something you weren't expecting... believe us when we say we want you to die!


BOSSES: We want bosses to be tense and challenging but never outright unfair. We will make sure that every boss can be killed without getting hit (if you play well enough) but that doesn't mean they are going to be easy. With bosses we took inspiration from MMOs, mostly raid bosses - there's nothing more fun than a boss that has those moments of " I need to move NOW"  to " Whoa look at all the crap going on". 

We didn't stop there though, we also kind of like BULLET HELL games so yeah expect some of that as well. 


Fighting on with Gusto!