Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Here you can see what is new in the latest Build of Eternal Step! 

Below is a list of updates because Eternal Step is endless we have listed the content currently in the game. 

If you are Alpha testing ( If this becomes available) then below will show you how many floors have content (floors covered for content bit) etc. You can happily go beyond this but we wanted to make sure you knew what had changed in builds and make you aware of what floor the current content will stop being added. 

The game scales in difficulty as you climb so its possible to carry on playing and the game will carry on giving you layouts to fight but once you go above the floor covered for content no new enemies etc will be added (until future builds) 





Bosses: 4 

Enemies: 14 

Enemy traits: 10 

Layouts: 136

Cards: 55 

Rare monsters: 3 


Highest checkpoint floor: 99 

floors covered for content: 0 to 100






Bosses: 2

 Enemies: 8 (phase 2 moves)

Layouts: 68

Cards: 30 

Rare monsters: 1


Highest checkpoint floor: 39

 floors covered for content: 0 to 39





fixed some weapons not saving when you store them

Stopped armour having random weapon skills on them (hopefully)

store/equip skill UI graphic now dissapears after use

stopped you getting stuck when rolling through door to finish the floor

fixed framerate issues with some projectiles

lowered the size of wisp/hero light effect to help framerate

fixed arrows not dissapearing in the title UI

New Stuff

added Checkpoint at floor 39 so you can now save your progress

Added 2nd main boss
Legion is in the game and ready to test all who get to floor 40.

Added 3 new weapons
Stilleto is a new dagger type
Halberd is a new axe type
Scimitar is a new sword type

2 New special floors
Smash the cart: you have so many seconds to smash up the cart if you do win a rare loot card
stop the giant wisp: you goal is to stop the giant wisp absorbing smaller ones and getting so big he explodes killing you.

Added first rare monster
King slime: can now be spawned hes not happy with you killing his loyal subjects. HOW TO SPAWN: ???????


Rare monsters will always spawn at the end of the floor once the door opens, its at this point that a rare monster may spawn, there are lots of ways for a rare monster to spawn so you as the player may need to do certain things before one even has a chance of appearing.  These fights will be more like mini bosses and are optional the player may just walk though the door and leave, but doing this you risk losing the bat shit awesome loot that the rare monster will have. So the risk is there do you risk losing your life and your progress for the hopes of getting sweet loot or do you play it safe!

Traps can now spawn randomly on any map: layouts now have a random chance of spawning traps this means you never know when you will get a trap now. 

The darkness of a map now randomly changes per floor: just because we can

new how to play manual added at the start: I noted that a lot of people where missing key information for the game, mostly due to me and Paul not explaining, we have now added a manual of sorts at the start detailing key information, in future this will only appear once and then be filled in the menu but at the moment due to lots of people trying it, it will appear once you load it up. 




Bosses: 1 Enemies: 8 (phase 2 moves) Layouts: 68 Cards: 27 Rare monsters: 0 Traps:3 Highest checkpoint floor: 39 floors covered for content: 0 to 39 Music:6


Fixed a bug in which you got stuck on spikes and were unable to move (reported by b4rR31_r0l1 via Reddit)

Fixed a bug in which some cards were not saving after death ( reported by b4rR31_r0l1 via Reddit)

fixed a bug that floor template 61 door would not open when killing all enemies (reported by Paul) 

Fixed a bug in which sometimes the music would stop playing ( reported by Paul) 

Fixed a bug in which the skelly warrior would stop mid attack (like he couldn't be bothered and stuff how rude) (reported by Paul) 

Fixed a bug in which some spike strips were on the wrong layer (reported by Paul) 


Layouts now have a chance of having traps show or not so now the same layout has a choice of traps to pick from to mix things up


Skelly Warrior has learnt a new move - The Stinger

Hand monsters have now learnt to stop bullying you and should now not try and swarm you (reported by b4rR31_r0l1)



Currently in Eternal Step: 
Bosses: 1 Enemies: 6 (phase 2 moves) Layouts: 68 Cards: 27 Rare monsters: 0 Traps:3 Highest checkpoint floor: 19 floors covered for content: 0 to 39 Music:6 


Fixed a bug that got you stuck by the door ( reported by Minimmats) 

Fixed a bug where slimes would move when Keyboard buttons were pressed ( reported by Phil) 

Fixed a bug where a light floated in the middle of the room ( reported by Phil) 

Fixed a bug where certain enemies didn't hit you ( reported by Phil watching Tom play it) 


Remapped keyboard controls at the request of a Reddit user ( future update to include left handed controls requested by SuperStarAD) 

Add new graphic effects in terms of lighting 

you can now wipe your save file if you wish to start over (this will reset your character and progress basically everything) this can be done by selecting down when you pick a floor! 

Added 2 brand new music tracks to post floor 20 


Archers: Learnt homing attack ( which is really annoying)

Fighting on with Gusto!