Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 




Combat in Eternal Step is all about the action and last minute dodges or blocks. We love games such as Dark Souls and the likes of Diablo (mostly for it's loot) so we tried to make something that felt right in that sense. 


We want combat to be quite tough and challenging - there are going to be lots of things to dodge and attack. There are going to be things to test the player and maybe one or two trips and tricks we might play.... It wouldn't be Rogue-like if we didn't!



Eternal Step will give you access to a number of skills but we wanted to limit the amount used in battle. We want the skills to be fun and used for moments of need or just to punish your enemies. 

Skills will come in a number of flavours from ones in battle, to more passive ones and utility ones ranging from changing your dodge distance to making your sword spit fire. 

Skills are equipable and can be placed on any weapon so that cool skill you have on your magic staff can also be put on your two handed sword of death. Keep in mind though skills will act differently depending on what weapon they are on so experiment and have fun with it. 

RARE SKILLS: some skills will be tied to a weapon and that weapon only. These skills will be rare and fun to use but you will have to make the choice between keeping the weapon to use the skill or destroying it to learn how to craft the weapon yourself later on.

Some rare skills, however, will be able to move weapons and these will drops from rare spawn monsters so keep your eyes out for those. 





Cards play a big role in Eternal Step and here is why; first let's look at loot cards. 

LOOT CARDS: These little cards of joy are weapons, armour and other lovely equipable stuff for your hero that makes him stronger and harder to kill. We want to make sure that LOOT is always something you look forward to and getting loot cards will be just that. HOWEVER, as the nature of Rogue-like games you can't simple carry these around. You have to make an on the spot choice - do you equip the weapon or do you not, do you extract the skill from the card or do you store the essence of the weapon so you can reforge it later?

Cards will have a few options - the Equip one is pretty straight forward if you can see the weapon is going to be better for you and equip it, this destroys your old weapon. 

Extract: if there's a juicy skill on the weapon you haven't yet collected to fill your ever growing list of skills or if it's one you would love to use but don't really like the weapon (ewww magic staff) then you can take the skill and bin the weapon. 

Store: if you really like the weapon or if you want to add it to your ever growing list of weapons you can do this, this will destroy the weapon itself but store the plans to allow you to make it again for later use. 


Good question! When you die you lose your weapon and your armour etc, however you do keep your skills, your level and all the weapon plans you have. 

This is good in two ways as for one you can craft a better weapon to go back into the tower with and second you can use the forge where you can combine weapons to make even more weapons and sometimes brand new and super rare weapons that might just carry skills. 



Killing monsters gives a chance of dropping monster cards, which can then be used up at the start of a tower run to add bonuses like more EXP, better drop rates etc but also maybe make it harder too (if that's really your game) - you could make monsters have more health or make them hurt you more or make them drop no loot (no idea why you would do that!).

Monster cards can also drop from bosses that you face and also some SUPER RARE cards might even spawn a ONE OFF UBER BOSS so get collecting and looking for them!


Fighting on with Gusto!