Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Release Date and update 1 details

Release date is here!!!

So today Greenman Gaming announced the release date of Eternal Step and the date is the 16th of October!!

On a personal level this doesn't really seem real, me and Paul have been building this game now for just over a year and now it's almost release. 

There are probably loads of things we should have done and should do before release but me and Paul are honestly just play testing as best we can and making any minor fixes. One of the things we have always done from the start is play test the game and make sure it  plays ok. 

We are excited yet scared of release and it's a personal thing, we just hope people like the game. People say they like the game, and give us good feedback, and any negatives we look at and try and come up with a solution to fix. However now it's going out to the wider world and that's a scary thought but also exciting. We hope people get some joy out of killing and having the basic need to get more loot!

So mark your calendar for October the 16th and make sure you tweet out your deaths so that the watcher of the dead can comment on the best one for launch day!

We also have to say a great big thanks to Greenman Gaming. They may not realise it but they have been a huge support. It's been the push we needed, as much as indie is about going it alone on a small budget. (Believe me Eternal Steps has been small due to it mostly coming out of my pocket :))  It's nice to have someone behind you who has done it and seen it and knows what they are doing. 

So it's a thanks to Gary, Tracey, David and Rosie (who made a kickass trailer)  who have emailed me and spoken to us and given us direction and support, and to the rest of the team there who I don't know personally - thanks.

Eternal Step for OMWG is a starting point. Me and Paul are not uber rich, we don't have a huge team, unlimited resources or a huge community at our door. We just plan to carry on making games we want to see and concepts that interest us, which  may mean we don't make sequels or if we do we generally believe we have something to offer.

Eternal Step was about me and Paul wanting to make a game and see it done to the end and make something we wanted to play. A Rogue-like that was easy to pick up but has hidden stuff, random loot and twitch based combat, and whatever happens me and Paul should be proud of it. 

Release day is going to be probably the most stressful day since the day I drove to pick up mine and my wife's new dog. That day resulted in a drive of 3 hours to Skegness, my car breaking down 20 miles from my goal. Paying AA a stupid amount of money to come out to my car to go "yeah tis broke" and recover it a local garage some 200 odd miles from where I live. 

I still then had to pick the dog up, ask a friend for a lift and go home, get some time off work and then randomly drive to get my car and bring it home!

Worth it though, the dog's kickass!

So RELEASE 16TH OF OCTOBER!!!! Get yourselves ready and keep checking Greenman Gaming to learn more and of course our blog and website!

Oh and check out the awesome trailer by Rosie here:


Update 1

So as we said we plan to update the game after launch all being well ( if it sells zero copies then maybe not!) 

The first update is going to be about adding content and boosting what's in the game currently. 

Other updates might add brand new weapon types among other things (shh) but for the first update we felt more stuff is best!

This is what we plan to add come update 1 (of course I will be spreading the news after release and going over all this again and in more details but it's nice to know a game you may be buying (we hope) has devs that plan to support with awesome content and not just dodgy DLC or preorder bonuses!)

So the Update. Eternal Step we think will be updated more like an MMO than a console game with content coming regularly (depending on support and demand) and bug fixes and tweaks like an MMO.

So Update 1 contents

6 new weapon cards

5 new armours

5 new shields

A rare monster of each normal enemy that doesn't have one (these are like mini bosses and will always drop a rare card)

Second gen move sets for enemies that currently only have their first gen moves

2 new of each golden and evil floors ( to cause you more love and pain)

Colosseum with secret stuff if you get to end

Lift floor (chance of going up floors)

Super death person: that will do stuff that's currently secret!

Second boss form 2 for floor 150 

Rare monster ???????? secret

Rare monster ??????? secret

New tileset (or 2!)

Some new music 

As you can see that's some chunky stuff right there and this update will be free. 

The time line after launch for this update will be as soon as possible, we would like to make sure an update is done every 3 ish months. If they are going to take any longer you will be told!

This also is not a guaranteed list and we have the right to remove stuff if we need to!

The second update we also already have ideas and depending on what we feel is missing we may introduce some magic and guns to the mix as they are planned!

Why the updates and why not add them for release? That's a good question and it has a simple answer! Me and Paul just keep coming up with more things to add to the game, Eternal Step has been designed to be ever growing and me and Paul just cant stop coming up with ideas!!

At some point we had to say that's it, for release! 

We aren't trying to nickle and dime people or trying to fudge anyone by saying it's a post release but was actually finished during development. It's honestly because if we didn't limit what we put into the game we would never ever release it! 

So we took the hardline and stuck to our original plan 100 floors of content and all the stuff that's currently in the game. Anything else we had to say would be post release. However we probably are very bad as a game company because me and Paul was adding new enemies and floors and content as little as week or so ago, which for a games company is madness but we have that itch! The truth is that only a small amount of people may only ever get to floor 100 or see all the content but it's just me and Paul, we can't help it! 

So this is why things like Update 1 are already planned, it's just all the stuff we have had to say no, we can't start that till after release. 

So until release...... 


Gusto out!


Eternal Step is done and future updates hopefully post release.


Linux and Mac updates

Exciting news has come today - we have a working Mac and Linux version of Eternal Step!!! We are just finishing off them off and making sure they work but with any luck these will be released alongside the PC version. 

It's not been easy and in the end I had to freelance that aspect out as me and Paul couldn't get it to run correctly due to some file limit issue we believe. 

So we need to test the Mac and Linux version a bit more to make sure they run correctly but hopefully it's all sorted. 

Eternal Step Done!

Me and Paul have now finished Eternal Step, minus any bug fixes and testing which we are still doing. However we have hit our 100 floor limit and put in 4 bosses with some rare mobs and did what we wanted to do for release. 

We hope people enjoy the game and get a blast out killing enemies and getting loot and bragging about what floor they got to. 

Is floor 100 the end?

So one of the original ideas for Eternal Step was to make it never-ending and that is true - the game doesn't end. 

The way the game works is that there is content up to floor 100. You can carry on past floor 100 but no new enemies etc will appear.  However, the game does scale the difficulty so it keeps getting harder and checkpoints get further and further apart. 

So if you want to challenge yourself you can! 

How updates will work 

So how will updates work? Well we do plan to update and support the game post release with more content. A lot of these updates will be free and will be just me and Paul adding more and more stuff to keep testing people. 

However these updates will scale along with the player. 

So for example 1

Me and Paul add content to say cover floors 100 to 150 so we add new enemies a new boss and some new items. For someone new to the game who hasn't got to floor 100 yet this content is perfect as it's more stuff to do after floor 100. 

However what about the person who's on floor 200 who carried on climbing?

Example 2

This person loves the game, completed floor 100 and carried on climbing, leveling up their hero and trying to collect every card etc. They are now on floor 200 but me and Paul added stuff to floor 100 to 150 so it's not going to help them, they have already over-leveled the content and got past that floor. 

But because of the way Eternal Step has been made we will add the content right away for someone who has got past the floor for the intended content. So any new enemies will just get added in wherever you have reached, so in this example they would be added after floor 200 and they will scale to your floor's difficulty, so you never feel like you missed content or that it's not challenging.

Items will just get added to Loot tables so you won't miss out on items either. 

The game will also check to see if you have killed any new bosses which have been added to the game. If you haven't then that will be your next boss when you get to the boss chamber. 

We have tried to do this so not matter what floor you are at any new content added will be accessible and be challenging. 

Update 1

So what is coming in Update 1? 

The first update will be all about variety - this means lots of new enemies, new cards and new floors. 

We want to flesh out the content and make even more awesome stuff for you to find in the tower. 

Update 2 and onwards will be a mixed bag as we may add new weapon types or new features however update 1 will all be about expanding and adding more stuff for you to find. 

Me and Paul are huge fans of Metal Gear and things like Dark Souls and we love those hidden things that aren't explained and you figure out. We want to hide things in the game, we want to make players discover things and go 'wow'! Sadly in the day and age of the internet nothing stays hidden for long however for those players that want to play and discover things then we have crafted Eternal Step for you. 

There are a few things hidden in the current build that no ones figured out yet. 

So Update 1 will be coming shortly after release and will be a good nice free update like most of the updates for Eternal Step. We will also soon be releasing our rules these are rules set in stone that OMWGusto will live by. This is one of the reasons Eternal Steps first update will be free. 

One of the rules is that unless the update is 33 percent the size of the original game we wont charge you. We will explain how we will measure this once we release our rules. That way you as the community can see us and see the transparency that we want to show you guys.

Also we plan to do community driven updates for Eternal Step, in which we will give you three options to vote on and whichever one wins will be added to the next update allowing you guys some control over what we make next.

However as with everything else in life, this all depends on you guys and how well Eternal Step does. I have said to Paul that I will happily support Eternal Step for as long as its viable in terms of money and time. 

If you guys are still playing it in 5 years and me and Paul are still kicking around and can we will still update it, unless we run out of stuff to add :) 

So keep your eyes on our game and speak soon.  


Playfire Feedback


Today we were graced with feedback following the beta event we ran with Playfire - the results are in! First I want to say thanks to anyone who tried the game and left feedback - it was good to read through your answers, and to the person who kept writing 'see Q1', we salute you for your no nonsense approach saying everything you need to say from the get go :)

This was the first real time lots of people got their hands on the game and I think me and Paul are just happy that people didn't out right say it was shite!

For us designing it, everything makes sense and just works but that's because we have design blinkers on, so it was a nice to see a different side of the game.

So this blog is for you Playfire, and to address the issues and suggestions that you came up with. If anything we don't want to be a faceless company that ignores feedback or the community or try and sell you Red Bull....

So I think I will address the biggest thing you guys mentioned – keyboard controls.


Change the keys please!

A lot of you agreed that the keyboard controls were a little hard to understand, and as I said although fine for me and Paul as we designed it with our blinkers on, it seems a lot of you didn't like the key set up.

So, let’s fix it! We will change the controls to include mouse support, and we will also aim to have the books and menus work with a mouse click as most of you wanted to select cards with the mouse button.

So our idea is this:

·         WSAD to move as before

·         Left Mouse will attack

·         Right Mouse will block

·         Shift will dodge roll

·         Q and E will use weapon skills, and R will use a potion.


We hope that setup will play better when going forward.


The controls on a Gamepad seemed to be fine and most people liked them.

On a side note, it seems a few of you got to floor 20 which is great news and congrats on getting to that floor! I hope you used the checkpoint when trying to fight the boss, and didn't go from floor 1 again!!

Explain your stuff

The next big thing was more explanation to some of the game menus and systems in the game.



We have tried to add tooltips etc around the game when selecting cards etc and in the menu. However it's clear we need to do some kind of tutorial to explain the game and some of it’s more complex bits. So we will be adding a few floors to the start that will explain things, and will walk you through the bits of the game like collecting cards at the end.


Equipment & Loot

The original idea of the game was to basically give you random card drops. This can lead to you getting the same card over and over with the idea you will store it into your book for when you try again. Also we added the fragments so that you could break down old cards you didn't want to enable you to craft a new card you did want; the idea being that if you ran out of a certain rare weapon you really liked, you could trade older cards in to get that weapon back.


At the start, it's easy to use the first weapon, armour and shield you get, but higher up it really pays to use better equipment. The reason you get the same cards over and over is because you use them up each time you enter, so using the better equipment is a risk – If you die, you'll have less to go back in with.


We feel this needs to be explained better for people to understand it so we will try our best to do this for you guys going forward. We will also add more details to the cards, especially the monster cards, as it's currently not clear what a lot of them do.


Each monster card has a unique thing it does, for example one will let items drop from pots (yes so all that pot smashing actually does something!), whilst another one will let a dog appear to deliver you another potion, and so on.


Interface & UI

Which brings us to the UI. Some people said they would like the potions to be on the main screen, to which I have to reply that they actually are! If you look at the hero's belt you can see how many potions you have. We added a health bar above the stamina bar for when you're getting hit so at a glance you can see your health.  


You also will always start the game with 2 potions, these can be upgraded when you earn enough levels to upgrade certain stats - once you reach level 5.


We wanted to keep the UI as clean as possible, as a lot of things happen on screen. We tried to do this by adding the important stuff to the hero himself like potions etc. We didn't want to keep pulling your attention to the corner of the screen, but this is something we will carry on monitoring.

Attack speeds

Another thing some people had trouble with was that weapons had different attack speeds. Therefore, we’ll add attack speed to cards to better tell you which weapons are like swinging a elephant around and which ones are not!  

Animation speeds - some people explained that the running animation felt slidey or floaty, so we have now changed the start up and stop speeds to make it seem less sliding across the floor

The rest

That covers the main points that people mentioned in the survey. However, we won't stop there! We’ll carry on adding things like more loot then you know what to do with, and more rare monsters, bosses and all sorts of stuff!


We are happy to hear that people liked the combat. Some people said they learnt the enemies attacks and found it easier to kill them, which is good. The idea is not to always give you an enemy you can't figure out, but the idea is as you get better you get more badass. However keep in mind the archers, the warriors, and the slimes all learn new moves after certain floors, and this will carry on!


We also plan to add more treasure and evil floors going forward, and also some floors that may be a little more puzzle based, however the puzzle based ones will be skippable. If you skip them you'll just lose out on the rare item you could have had, but we don't want to force them upon you.  


We want to say thanks to you guys for the feedback and hopefully we can now improve the game going forward.



Long time no see and huge updates!

Explain yourself OMWG! What have you been doing?

Hello, I know it's been a while since we last blogged .  You see things have been busy, very busy. 

As some of you may be aware, for me making games is part time to my actual day job. I have also just moved house and had a new kitchen fitted and am also going though a busy time at work. 

This, however, doesn't mean that Eternal Step hasn't been pushing full steam ahead. 

I have to say a big thanks to Paul as I mostly sit and design stuff and play-test and do the admin between work. Paul works on Eternal Step 5 days a week with animation and coding.

So while I earn money to make sure somethings are paid and that life can carry on, Paul cracks on with the game. 

I also have to say a thanks to him for putting up with my changes and suggestions and tweaks. I know it gets up his nose and I do hold back on somethings. There's a few things I'd like to see in Eternal Step but currently they're beyond our reach in terms of scale. 

OMWG probably is a little chaotic compared to anywhere else. We don't do a lot of planning, I don't horde over sheets and sheets of design. 

I stopped doing game bibles or game design documents a while back for the simple reason that no one reads them, sadly. I often waste weeks writing it all down to then just be asked the question and have to explain it anyway. 

I think due to the fact OMWG is just two guys it allows us the freedom to be more risky with design. It's very easy for me and Paul to come up with an idea and go yep try it. Then if it doesn't work it doesn't work. Could we do with if I had a team of 30 and hundreds of thousands of pounds riding on it...? Totally not! Would be crazy to spend dev time making features on a whim. 

OMWG I would think is about testing out ideas and allowing the freedom to experiment within the design. I'm not in the industry to change people's mind or to tell my message through the media of gaming. 

I come up with ideas and simply want to make games that I would find interesting. I've been playing games since the age of 5 and for anyone playing games for years you get a sense of what you like or dislike . Same for us. Eternal Step is simply a game that is about doing something within 5 mins. 

I love huge sprawling epic games with long build ups and deep and complex systems, but sometimes after I come home from work or sit and have 30 mins to kill I just want something that I can jump into, kill stuff, and jump out. 

I always wanted Eternal Step to be that game you could always come back to, and as me and Paul expand the game post release hopefully it is. The game never ends so you can keep pushing and getting that quick fix. 

Ideally we would love a community that settles around the game, challenging each other to get the highest floor or the quickest time. 

Eternal Step may not be ground breaking in terms of visuals or as thoughtful as some indie games like Papers Please. To me, however, Eternal Step scratches that itch within 15 mins you'll have gone for a high of getting past a floor or getting a piece of loot to the tense moment of just living through that onslaught of enemies to the sheer anger of dying to a silly mistake you made. 

It's just pure gameplay squeezed into something simple and given to you as an honest product, no bells or whistles attached. 

To be honest I think I would always like OMWG to be small and make smallish games but we shall see. 

So since the last blog Eternal Step has changed a lot and I shall bullet point some of things. 

  •  New tutorial sections: these are as non-intrusive to gam play as can be, we have gone for small on screen tells and info to try and point out stuff to you without hand holding. 
  • New floors: the game now has 99 floors worth of content with it soon being 100, the later floors become more complex in shape and design allowing for some better set pieces and believe me some of these are hard. 
  • New enemies: we have added 6 new enemies I believe, it could be more since the last time I blogged to round out the roster. So once you get past floor 100 you have the chance of bumping into around 12 different normal enemy types, we of course plan to add even more. 
  • Lots of new cards: we have filled out the first page of some of the card sheets as a minimum with some now actually taking up a 2nd page. We have added a monster card for each enemy and added some funky weapons and armours. We plan before release to add even more cards and then past release you just watch the loot fly in. 
  • Added a new trap: we have added a new trap which is the trap door. Standing on this for any length of time will make you drop down up to 3 floors below so be careful! 
  • Another boss: we added the third boss to the game and we are planning currently to add the fourth boss which will be at floor 100 for you to tackle. 
  • Changes to pause screen: we changed the way the game paused to make it better and quicker. 
  • We speeded up the selecting of cards from books: at the start of the game you can pick your cards, however this was slow and was taking up to much time. Especially with our idea post launch we needed to speed this up, so we have. 
  • Go into the tower with basic equipment and bypass the books: for people who just want to go into the tower with standard gear ( for grinding or loot farming or just progression) we have added this option to allow you to go right in cutting down on the time between runs. 
  • Scaled the games difficulty: we have scaled the game to make it easier at the start but then get harder later on, this was to give people a fighting chance at the start. 
  • Tweaked defense and other stats: we have balanced out some stats making it  more in line with what we wanted. 
  • You now get a level up emblem every 5 levels: we choose to increase the amount of emblems you get, allowing you to spend this to greater level up your guy and break the balance of the game :) 
  • Added a load more music: we have added a load more music to feature in the upper floors and of course got the amazing Lucky Lion Studios to write us some boss music. 
  • Added a rare enemy music: when a rare enemy now spawns you just hear a kick ass piece of music to get you pumped. 
  • Tweet out your death: we are currently finishing up on doing a way to tweet out your death to say which floor you got to and provide a screenshot to post. We would love this to be more integrated into the game but sadly this is the best solution we could find but if you ever wanted bragging rights this is it!
  • The game is now running on Steam: we got the game running on Steam so our testing has now moved there, we hope to add some Steam features to the game before release but we will see how things go. At the very least we want Steam cards for you guys. 


Those are pretty much the main ones I can think of, as you can see we have added a lot to the game in the time we have been working on since the last blog. Some of the things changes here are from feedback from Rezzed which was a fun time for us. 

There are lots of bug fixes and issues we spotted along the way getting here but if we were to list every one this blog would never end. 

Eternal Step is currently now in beta and you should hear more soon on the game as we work towards release. 

Thanks again for checking out the game and keep your eyes open for more info on the game soon!!!!!!!


Another update and some new music

It has been a while since the last update which was after Rezzed. Now we have calmed down from all that and taken all the feedback we got on board we have moved on to making more awesome stuff for Eternal Step.

We have now added 3 new enemies which makes a total of 12 enemies in the game that are added gradually but by floor 40 upwards you have the chance of coming across all 12. This mixes up the floors by adding new enemies with old enemies and shaking things up.

It also means that older enemies also get new moves to stop them feeling too stale. We have also added 3 new monsters cards. I will tell you that one of the cards now allows LOOT to be dropped from smashing pots finally!!!

We also now have over 90 layouts in the game. The way floors work is that the game will pick one floor out of those 90, this means the higher you go the smaller and smaller chance you have of getting a repeated floor and also means there are new floors to add some spice to the mix.There's a good chance that even with a fair few playthoughs there might be one or two floors you haven't come across.

We still have many plans for more enemies and more bosses and mini bosses and other things but this is coming down the line and we will share details with you closer to the time.

We have also added a new trap - the trapfloor. The trapfloor does exactly what it says - it will drop you a floor or three! That's right the trap actually has a chance of dropping you down 1, 2 or 3 floors so you may want to avoid this trap if you're trying to make good progress!

We have also added a number of bug fixes etc to make the game run more smoothly and we have added a adjustable diffculty scale which now increases defence and health of enemies to allow us to better scale enemies as you climb.

At the moment we are now working on the new boss this will be the 4th boss and this one will mix things up a little as he won't feature a set patten so you will have to learn his tells and his attacks to come out alive on this one.

Finally we have also had a new piece of music which will now play whenever you bump into a RARE monster

We felt we should share this piece of music with you all because i'ts amazing!

It's awesome right!?

On that note we shall leave it there.

We just wanted to show we are still going and working hard to make the game great. We will be showing more soon and also our ideas of how we will carry on supporting the game and making it awesome.

Until then...

Gusto out!

After Rezzed


So its that time again for another update and this one is about how we got on with Rezzed.

It was the first time me and Paul had been to a expo so we wasnt sure what to expect. However we had a great time and was fun to watch people actually play Eternal Step. 

the first day we watched people and it became clear that giving players the option of picking equipment at the start was the wrong idea. People would often wonder what they where doing and sometimes press B backing out having to start again. 

It became clear to me Paul that even with all the information on screen people simply didn't want to read text and just get right into the game. 

this meant that on the first night me and Paul actually stopped up till 2am in the morning tweaking the build, so that on day 2 the game would throw you right into the action and didnt let you pick any weapons etc. 

we noticed right away this helped people and gave people a better taste of Eternal Step. 

It still is really interesting watching people play your game, we have gone for the world of having PC manuales the size of books which people would sit and read to having people not wanting to really read anything and go right into the game. 

the main thing we notiched from Rezzed was people simply didnt think to use a potion or know where the potion button was (even if it did say in controls). 

we also saw people not fully understand why they where getting cards at the end of a floor and people no understand how to use skills. 

we saw people use thier potions right away testing controls and all manor of things. 

This has lead me and Paul to make sure we take the feedback and pump it back into the game. 

So some changes that are coming. 


1. we have now added thumbstick support for the pad ( we noticed a lot of people not notice its Dpad, this was more notciable on younger gamers who dont remeber the fabled days of Dpad. 

2. you cant use a potion if your at 100 percent health ( this is to stop people wasting potions when trying out controls, you can press the button but the hero wont use the potion and will shake his head)

3. add a warning and pause the game to explain your almost dead and to use a potion ( we need to explain this while near death, most people simply didn't look at the controls long enough to realise to use a potion) 

4. pop up text to help aid information flow in the game. ( when most people got to a potion refill they would stand there trying to hit it for 10 seconds expecting it to do something, even though again this was explained we need to make it clear) So now what will happen is the first time you see one some pop up text will explain what it does. 

5. add a pause into the game once you get SKILL to explain you have a skill and how to use it ( people simply didnt use skills unless we told them about it) 

6. show you collecting loot ( we noticed some people didnt realise why they where getting 


those are some of the things we think need changing and adding to make the game better and this is all direct feedback we got from you guys playing the game. 

one thing we felt we didn't need to change was the difficulty most people only got to floor 12 before they died the first time which wasn't to bad for a first go. 

HOWEVER, we made the EGX build easy, the player got a 50 percent boost in rare loot and potion refills and also a boost in level starting at level 10. 

even with these changes people still died A LOT. 

However one person did get to floor 15, which was his 2nd attempt, he wore a grey hat if I remember and he was very good at the game showing some skills and tactics you only pick up after having a good go. 

So congrats to that man whoever you are. 

So now we are back we are going right into the game and working on the changes and also adding new stuff. 

Our aim now is to the add the new enemies and work towards the 3rd boss. 

We are also now looking at ranged combat and magic to put into the mix. 

So keep checking back for more information about the progress we are making. 

gusto out!

Trade till your hearts content!


We are happy to say the trading system is now currently in the game and will be in the Rezzed build hopefully!

This was our answer to allow the player to get rid of unwanted cards they may not use. 

I prefer a fast play style and as such dont really use MEGA hammers so this gives me a chance to use some up. 

armor card 4 copy.png

as you can see from the above picture the top right now has two values the first number is the how much that card is worth if you break it down. 

the 2nd value is the worth of the card and the little circles under it now shows you how rare a card is. 

This is the fragment window and as you can see each section has a cost. 

So if you break down a weapon it gives you weapon fragments to use to crate a weapon card you might want. 

We wanted to still have some control over how you use your cards and instead of having you spend the fragments on anything allowing you to always have the best weapons etc we have restricted it so you make a tougher choice. 

Of course there is a downfall to breaking the card down. One you lose the card and two the more rare the card the more cards you have to trade for it, this could leave you high and dry when you die and have used up that rare card. 

As always we are focused now on adding more content and working towards the 3rd boss!


Until next time. 

Eternal Step Demo removal

Hi Guys 


We wanted to make you all aware that next week we will be pulling down the demo from various websites. Why do this? I hear you scream. The main reason is the game has progressed so much that the old demo doesn't really show the current state of the game. 

We released the demo originally to show people Eternal Step and get them to check it out and show them what we have created, since then we have added a load of new stuff and these demo's are becoming more and more outdated. 

However we did update the demo's twice one was the day after we posted them. It however is time consuming to keep doing this and we think lots of people have tried the the demo and enjoyed it. 

We are now heading towards release which is a few months away and we are also at Rezzed showcasing the lasted build so people can come try it out there. 

So if you wanted to try the demo this is your last chance to try it out we are at IndieDB or you can find us on Gamejolt or Newgrounds to get your fix. 

Until next time!

Greenlit heading to Rezzed and the future!

Yesterday we at OMWG got the lovely email saying Eternal Step had been Greenlit! We are both happy and excited to be Greenlit and it's a weight off our shoulders heading towards Rezzed. We want to thank everyone who checked out the game and gave a yes or no vote. We wanted people to vote on the item honestly and we are happy that people did and we are also happy that people seem to really like the game. 

Eternal Step is an odd game to talk about and describe, it's one of those games you need spend a little time playing and we have had good reports from people who have played it. 

We also watched every 'Lets Play' that we came across and from just watching this I went back and made changes to Eternal Step. I noticed that an idea of how to play the game was needed and this added to the start of the game now. 

We have moved ahead with adding graphic updates and soon we will release another video showing you some of the changes we have made and also we have added a lot of new armour, shields and weapons. we have added our first rare monster which is King Slime and the card you get from him is amazing so he's worth the risk of killing if you come across him. 

All these changes and updates have been ongoing while we waited for Greenlight and now we have been approved we are moving forward and focusing now on the future of the game and making sure we have the best build at Rezzed in London come March. 


Rezzed will be mine and Paul's first ever convention where we are showcasing Eternal Step. We are both excited and nervous as we don't know what to expect, but we promise to bring the best build for you guys to play and we hope to see you there!

Rezzed will be a great chance for me and Paul to watch you guys try the game and take in feedback - we might realise the game's too easy and have to make it harder!!! MUWHAHAHAH.

The Future 

Eternal Step is still a fair few months away from release. The game idea has grown as we have watched people play it and I have had more crazy ideas and this has added time to the game. The features and core aspects are all in the game, it's just me and Paul want to make sure there is enough to sink your teeth into  come release. 

We are focusing on adding more enemies, more floors, more bosses and more loot and making sure content is covered and we will carry on doing update builds like we have. We don't plan on slowing down. 

There is stuff happening behind the scenes also that could be great news for Eternal Step but I feel I shouldn't speak about these yet until we have a more clear idea of what's happening.  

Early Access

I will have a better idea of what we are going to do with this soon as I know what's happening with some changes that I can't talk about. Our need for Early Access was originally for testing and people to play it. There may be another option now and I don't want to do Early Access for any other reason so we will see. 

If we do Early Access we make our manifesto which we will show people exactly what to expect and what we will and will not do with Early Access and allow people to make up their own minds. 


We want to thank everyone again who spends time checking out our game or our website etc.  Here is to 2015 and the release of Eternal Step!!

Eternal Step up and progress

Hi Gusto people!

Its time for a another quick blog update to tell all you lovely people what has been happening lately and kind of a year in review. 



So our year actually started around June or July that's when we started working on Eternal Step really looking back on the original idea it was a lot more simple in terms of what we wanted to achieve but the design as it stands today is a lot more complex (this is for the better) when we started we wanted to make a quick game that people could play over and over again but then I started getting more and more ideas. 

My problem is I always design the game from the perspective of the user the person who picks up that pad and tries the game. 

This leads me to design things and add things as we go along which is a nightmare for Paul as I keep approaching the poor chap with even more ideas, I have tried to stop doing this now and push some of the stuff to possibly post release. 

So when we started Eternal Step the card system didn't even exist, we were going to do normal loot drops but then I looked at it and looked at what frustrates me about games and roguelikes and for some people its that essence of starting OVER again. 

I knew I wanted you to lose all your items but I wanted to give the user a way to keep items as well and thus out of the flames came the loot cards. 

The next thing that didn't exist was getting all your loot at the end of a floor and deciding to pick what you wanted. 

In the original game you just got the loot as it dropped much like normal loot games. The only reason the Loot system was like it was is because Paul had coded it just to test it out. 

the end result was a nice twist on it and has since stayed in. 

Monsters cards was something that we ended up coming up with quite late into the design. I wanted the user to collect monster cards, I like collecting things in games and I know a lot of other people have that itch to collect something to 100 percent. 

So I add monster cards, we then looked at these and decided to maybe add some usefulness to them and that brought us to the idea of monster cards helping you out in the tower. 

Once we had a good enough build we decided to do a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter didnt go so well and I think part of the reason for that was there was no demo etc. We had a trailer etc showing game play but I think we could have done more to push that and offer the demo to people which may of helped. 

We did try to be a bit different, I am a big watcher of Twitch and part of the design for Eternal Step is so streamers can play a game that's always action based always tense and gives them little to no fuss but also allow Speed Runners  to have a game that could be speed run within their community. 

The idea was to offer streamers a speed run version of the game and whoever posted the fastest time climbing the 20 floors would have a weapon or enemy designed after there twitch channel in the game as a prize.

I emailed a few twitch people and tried to promote this but no body actually took us up on the offer. 

So that was a bust, its a lot harder then I thought to get twitch streamers even remotely interested in looking at your game. 

After the Kickstarter failed we just carried on as normal the whole point of the kickstarter was to allow us to work full time on Eternal Step and fast track progress but sadly that didn't happen but it didn't stop us it just meant things would be slower. 

We then carried on adding systems and I said to Paul we would release the demo and try steam greenlight only once most of the features of the game are in and people can play around with them. 

This took a few months but we finally released on Steam  Greenlight around a month or so ago and people seem to be enjoying the demo. 

So what's happening now

well if you hadn't noticed we launched on steam Greenlight and you can play our demo over at IndieDB or on our website in your browser. 

We also our now part of the Build a Greenlight bundle at Groupees which you should check out if you want to grab the latest Alpha of the game before the deal ends. 


It went live and within 24 hours we tripled our votes and have been amazed as the response. Me and Paul are very grateful to anyone who has tried the game and gave feedback and voted for us. We promise to make the best possible game we can for a two man dev team :) with large ideas. 

The game is coming along and we are currently working on the 2nd Boss. The bosses take a while and can take up to 2 weeks before we can happily fight these things to death. 

It normally takes Paul a week to do the animation for the boss and then another week coding it and then testing and coding and testing and coding. 

However I will show you a sneak peak!

This guy is pretty big and his body is made of ravens and in motion he looks pretty cool I have to say! This boss is going to be all about movement. 

You thought the first boss was tough well this will test you and put to test the skills you have learnt up till now. 





This screenshot you can see one of his moves that fills the screen with ravens and leaves this tiny area as it moves around trapping you in. 

We both really like the 2nd boss and hope you guys have fun with it once its released. 

From here we hope to keep adding content and working towards Early Acess if our game does make it to steam we will do a post to explain how we aim to tackle Early Acess and what we promise we will do and wont do!


Until next time 

Gusto out!

Graphics update and things to come

Graphics update

Hi people!

So its that time again for another blog update and this one will be short and sweet. First lets talk graphics. 

Eternal step uses all hand drawn animations so everything you see has been drawn out by Paul frame by frame its one of the reasons the animations take so long and its something we are proud of.

Currently we have been focused on getting the game working and the combat feeling good I think me and Paul are now happy with the combat and most of the systems so we have now turned are eye on updating the graphics a little bit. 

The above is what we are aiming for in terms of lighting and you can see more items etc have been added. 

this is a ongoing process and please understand the alpha is just that and that we aim to carry on making adjusts to graphics etc and systems until we are happy. 

This is a in game shot of how things are going currently I will also do a quick video to show the new stuff coming soon. 

Whats coming?

we are working towards just adding more content and putting in the new boss which will be interesting to see people tackle.

the only other system to be put in is now the crafting and using up cards kind of system in which you use cards to trade with other cards to get better stuff. 

Past that we hope to aim to get even more enemies in and start putting in the rare enemies and rare bosses and even more rare items for you guys to collect and use in battle. 


So as I said short and sweet so keep coming back and checking in on us. 


Gusto out!


Update and info on stuff that we do YO!


Hopefully by now you have had chance to check out our new dev video, and if you haven't - WHY THE HECK NOT!!!? What, you will go watch it and come back...? OK I shall wait. 

Back? Good!

So hopefully you got to see some of the new features we added and could see how the game is progressing. I thought I would spend this blog just talking about how we go about doing things. We want OMWG to be pretty open. I for example don't see why as a company we shouldn't share more of the design process and concept art and what made it into the game and what didn't. 

I find that stuff pretty interesting and I'm sure more Indie dev studios out there would love to learn those processes and maybe pick up some hints and tips. 

So this will hopefully be a start of something that will grow with us as we carry on making games. I hope we manage to because we have some really interesting ideas and we want to open up more and more of these ideas. 

The first step you're seeing is the dev videos, I believe I am pretty open with going through what we added and some tweaks we did etc and we hope to carry these on. 


So Eternal Step and concept art

I think possibly some people may see Eternal Step and notice a lack of any concept art or promotional art etc or sketches to show different designs and what not. 

The reason for this is that we simply don't do it currently and this is simply because we are only a 2 man team. Me and Paul have been friends since University so we work together well and have a clear idea of how we like things so we simply talk through a idea and get to making it. 

I personally feel as a 2 man team it would be lovely to concept draw every inch of the game but we simple don't have the resources or time to spend doing that, we would rather focus all our time on making prototypes and getting things into the game. 

This works to our strengths as it means we spend more time creating things and testing things and it's much easier for us to get those things in and tweaked. 

This won't always be the case - if OMWG ever does grow then we will need to do these things, but currently Eternal Step is very much go from an idea straight into a built and tested game, we don't spend a lot of time concepting. 

I, however, do draw out attack patterns etc and these are very roughly drawn using a Wacom INK and then sent digitally to Paul. 

Time it takes 

So the drawback of being a 2 man team is things don't get done very quickly 

For example the enemy we are working on currently - due to the type of animations we do, as they are all drawn out, this guy has taken around 4 days to animate and needs another 2 to 3 days to get working in-game without any issues. 

So that's a lengthy process and as such I have had to now think when creating enemies to give them no legs! Because the game has 4 way movement the longest animation by far is the walk cycle as it needs to be drawn out 4 times and we currently can have 11 frames of animation per walk cycle so that's 4 x 11 just to get the guys to walk! This is a lengthy process that takes around 3 to 4 days depending on the enemy. 

That is why one of the first enemies is a slime and another one floats off the floor - it's to actually keep the amount of animation work down. It's strange to think that but because we only have 2 people we need to try and find other ways around these things as the animation work is very time consuming. 

This is another reason the boss only has 2 direction movement because she's a complex concept in herself the amount of work needed would take a long time. It's also the reason the horse has no legs...

You might think it's being lazy but it's generally because we want to release the game this side of the decade and also it's about managing our limits - if we had 4 or 6 animators it wouldn't be a problem. I believe this a smart way to get around these hurdles and get the game done without losing anything. 

If we look at animation for the hero every new weapon we introduce needs 4 way animation for any attack he does. His running animations also need to add the weapon that wanders around on his back. This all adds time on to the final game. 


This is less of a drain on time but still eats up a good amount. Adding the monster card system took the good part of a week to just add the few cards we currently have and with each enemy there will need to be a new monster card. Again this adds time and although it may not seem like a lot of work the background programming to get these things to work takes time. 

It's OMWG's main issue - me and Paul and not originally programmers and Eternal Step you could say if our first real go at programming. There have been some things we have talked about that we are unsure if we could even code but we tend to find a way. 

Thankfully the game hasn't had many bugs apart from the freezing issue we noticed and I watched Nathan have while streaming Eternal Step. We discovered this was an issue with the shaders and we have instead now taken these out and found a work-around. But this took a good week or two to sort out. 

Good Progress 

We feel we are making good progress - a lot of the game systems are in place and that's the hard part of programming, it's now about adding content which sadly eats up time with animations. 

We are now working towards doing a public demo in which we hand over the game to you guys to play and test out. 

Our idea is hopefully to allow this to go to early access via our website and then focus on Steam Greenlight and passing over steam keys to anyone who bought it. 

Why do this?

It's because we need this game testing by a larger audience and we hope this will be one way to do it - with a demo and early access we can hope to get what we need. 

Our ultimate goal will be to add a new mode to Eternal Step which is a mulitplayer mode but that's for after release. 

Anyway we hope you liked this little look into OMWG and us and some of things that go on behind the scenes. 

Me and Paul actually live in different towns and do most of communication via Skype with me visiting him whenever I get chance. So its a very 20th century work environment!

Until next time. 

Gusto out


Update YAY!

How is things going?

Just thought we would throw a update out there and keep you posted on what is what. 


Well if you missed it we added Ouya to the list of systems we hope to release so look out for that one. 


In terms of development its been semi quite Paul has been on holiday out and about but is now back so we should be back to normal as of next week. Other then that its been little bits of concept and getting the next stage of the tower done. 

So whats next?

We added the skill system recently and me and Paul have played around with it and we also sent a copy to Nathan from Gamerscape so he could in his spare time test it out. 

Me and Paul have both looked at how the current skill system works and believe its to easy to spam the skills. We have decided to increase the cost of using them to help balance them out we want players to have 2 skills they use in battle but we want them to be more of a get out of trouble moment. 

So we will be looking at increasing the cost of casting them to help balance this out. 

Why 2 skills?

We settled on 2 in battle skills to better balance combat we originally designed it to have 4 skills but we felt it would make the combat to focused on using skills instead of focusing on the core aspects. 

so we settled on two skills, the two skills wont always be combat related some might be defense based or healing based but we have limited it so in the end the combat is about you and enemy and learning attacks instead of popping your skills as fast as you can to kill enemies.

This doesn't mean you will only get 2 skills total you will be able to equip some passives and also your weapon or shield could have a unique ability on it.

New enemies

Also coming post floor 20 will be new enemies to test your skills out at the moment I am working on a shield enemy that will probably upset you if you hit him while he blocks so you will have to pick your moment well with him. 

Also will be putting in another enemy that can only be attacked if you block his attack so get working on your shield skills. 

What happens when you die?

So currently when you die, you go back to start and try again. There is one thing missing to the start of the game that hopefully we will get into place soon. 

I wont explain what that is but I hope it will people do a double take. 

Currently I haven't spoken about the story much to Eternal Step and this isn't because there is no story there is and part of it is already in the game you just need to look harder. 

However there are a few things missing that I wish to put in which will hopefully make the player start to question what is actually going on.

No its not to save a princess!

Spirit left over

Also what will start to happen when you die is the spirit of yourself will be left behind on that floor so if you get back to floor expect to fight a spirit version of yourself.  Yep just to make your life even harder. 


The look of the tower!

Well I believe no one other then me and Paul has actually killed the boss but once killed you will move on to the next bit of the tower. 

The tower is made from Magic on the outside it looks like a tower but inside it actually never ends and can look like anything. 

Once past floor 20 you will start to see the tower shift in style. We are trying to make this happen in real-time so we are testing it currently. 

What will happen is you will walk into a room and it will change before your eyes into a new style. 

How will floors work what happens to floors 1 to 20?

If you have followed or listened to the Podcast I was in you'll know that I said that we create layouts currently there is more layouts then floors and what happens is every floor has a chance of picking a layout. 

Once you get past floor 20 it will open up new layouts that will have a chance to appear. However the layouts designed between floors 1 to 20 will still have a chance of appearing. 

This is why I designed it so enemies would possible learn new tricks to annoy you so you may be on floor 25 think I know this layout I know these enemies and they might just throw a curve ball at you. 


So before the end of our Kickstarter we released the demo to anyone who went on it for the last few hours we wanted to say goodbye by allowing some people to try it out. 

The demo however will be back once we have all the current systems in place. 

We have added the skill system but its not fully in place as you cant pick the skill you want before going into the tower. 

Also monster cards are not currently in and I would like to have the trading system between cards set up. 

Once those things are in I believe the demo will come out and we will start possible selling early alpha access via our website to anyone who wants to support the process and test the game. 

In honestly it would be nice to get some people on board who will give us feedback so we look forward to that in the future. 


We also plan to showcase Eternal Step at Rezzed next year if Rezzed get round to responding to my email :)

So keep your eyes on us and look forward to some more dev session videos and also such. 

Gusto out



Kickstarter ended

So the Kickstarter ended and sadly we didn't get hit our target. Although that makes us a little sad we walk away feeling better about the game and the idea. 

We spoke to and showed the game to some great people who gave us good feedback and it showed us that we have a game that will work we just don't have the exposure to make it happen in a Kickstarter kind of way. 


Thoughts on Kickstarter

We maybe should have pushed for a demo on Kickstarter or something along those lines and I think not having many rewards possibly hurt us but we want to be up front and honest and not just offer you anything and everything to squeeze another pound out of you. 

So we maybe went too honest with the rewards. 

We are currently kicking around the idea of just letting people buy into the alpha and betas and try to make the game grow organically through word of mouth and the awesome guys that do want to play it. 

I think we will release a small demo maybe ten floors for people to play around in and try out some of the features in the game, so expect to see that soon. 


We haven't stopped or shut down we will carry on as before and that's just making a great game. 

So keep an eye out for possibly an option to buy the game and jump in right away and start destroying the tower floor by floor. 


For everyone that did back and take a look at our game we want to thank you for at least taking the time out to give something a shot. 


Twitch speed run was a bust!

Another thing that kind of made us sad was the lack of interest from Twitch streamers as we offered up a speed run version of the game for them to play free and have the chance of their channel being featured in a weapon or enemy. 

It was quite sad to see that they didn't want to try it and a lot of the Twitch people we emailed didn't respond we assume due to being busy....they are very busy - we still love you guys. 

So we will carry on from here and keep an eye open for more dev videos and other videos as we feature more and more in the future. 




Kickstarter winding down and sneak peak at a skill

Hi Gusto people. 

As the Kickstarter winds down it does not mean we are. 

We finally got the new weapon type in the game the Raiper/Dagger type weapon. To show this off we posted a little video. 

 You can see this is the speedy weapon and just to contrast that weapons do play differently we did one for the hammer as well. 

So we have been busy what that and working on the skill system. 

 What you see above is a sneak peak at how the skill will look. Its going to be fast combo damage dealing skill. However this skill will look different if you attach it to a hammer for example. The skill above is how it would look attached to a sword. 

Other then that I myself have been talking about Eternal Step on a podcast which was very exciting for us both. 

You can listen to that here. 


Remember to follow us at @omwgusto so keep up to date on whats happening. 

We will be back with another update before the Kickstarter closes. 

Gusto out. 

The trailer goes live!


So after a bit of a wait, finally the trailer has gone live. The game is still very much in alpha but we have tried hard to create a solid base for the game which is very fun to play. 


So what's next?

Well we are still hard at work on the game and have actually added some features that didn't make it into the trailer (sad panda face) but we now aim to focus on our Kickstarter and trying to let the press know we exist. 

We are also planning on entering the Left Field Collection and might be at Eurogamer if picked which would be amazing. 

We plan to do a Twitch speed run contest in which the Twitch streamer who wins gets chance to name a weapon after their Twitch channel and also pick how it looks. There is also a chance to do the same with a monster. 

So we will see how that goes - we plan to email some of our personal fave Twitch streamers and give them the chance to enter with also a cool little extra contest which we will explain to them. 

We are all about making a fun game and we are fans of Twitch and the community it's creating so we wanted to mix the two - our way of saying thanks. 

Why are we on Kickstarter? 

Good question! We have a good chunk of the core game built and now it's about building all the fun stuff we want to add and make sure we have a huge amount of content for you guys to play once it's done. 

The Kickstarter will mostly go to helping the artist keep going and also pay for software and music. At present I have funded this along with a colleague and we can keep going on it but if we carry on the way we are it will take a very long time for the game to be released and won't allow the amount of time the game needs to be amazing. 

The Kickstarter money is basically giving us the time we need to really craft it into something we want it to be and something you guys will be happy to play .

Any stretch goals?

We don't want to over do the rewards and stretch goals because we simply don't want more money then we feel we need. However, our only stretch goal is this - if we end up getting double or close to double of what we are asking that will allow us to focus on crafting the 4 player mode we want in the game. 

The reason this currently isn't in is because we feel it has to be it's own mode with bosses and levels - we don't want to just stick 3 more people in the game and say it's mulitplayer - we want a true original version. 

This would be released as a free update sometime after release. 


That's about it! We are focusing on now getting the build ready to show press and to submit to Eurogamer and launch the Kickstarter hopefully by the weekend.

Gusto out (trying a catchphrase... I'll keep at it!)

The start of something


Not going to write alot here at the moment, but this will become the place to learn about what we are doing and creating. We will try and be as open as possible on her and share as much as we can. What we wont commit to though is doing this on any kind of weekly or timed basis. 

We will write when we have something to share. 


Fighting on with Gusto!