Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Graphics update and things to come

Graphics update

Hi people!

So its that time again for another blog update and this one will be short and sweet. First lets talk graphics. 

Eternal step uses all hand drawn animations so everything you see has been drawn out by Paul frame by frame its one of the reasons the animations take so long and its something we are proud of.

Currently we have been focused on getting the game working and the combat feeling good I think me and Paul are now happy with the combat and most of the systems so we have now turned are eye on updating the graphics a little bit. 

The above is what we are aiming for in terms of lighting and you can see more items etc have been added. 

this is a ongoing process and please understand the alpha is just that and that we aim to carry on making adjusts to graphics etc and systems until we are happy. 

This is a in game shot of how things are going currently I will also do a quick video to show the new stuff coming soon. 

Whats coming?

we are working towards just adding more content and putting in the new boss which will be interesting to see people tackle.

the only other system to be put in is now the crafting and using up cards kind of system in which you use cards to trade with other cards to get better stuff. 

Past that we hope to aim to get even more enemies in and start putting in the rare enemies and rare bosses and even more rare items for you guys to collect and use in battle. 


So as I said short and sweet so keep coming back and checking in on us. 


Gusto out!


Fighting on with Gusto!