Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

The trailer goes live!


So after a bit of a wait, finally the trailer has gone live. The game is still very much in alpha but we have tried hard to create a solid base for the game which is very fun to play. 


So what's next?

Well we are still hard at work on the game and have actually added some features that didn't make it into the trailer (sad panda face) but we now aim to focus on our Kickstarter and trying to let the press know we exist. 

We are also planning on entering the Left Field Collection and might be at Eurogamer if picked which would be amazing. 

We plan to do a Twitch speed run contest in which the Twitch streamer who wins gets chance to name a weapon after their Twitch channel and also pick how it looks. There is also a chance to do the same with a monster. 

So we will see how that goes - we plan to email some of our personal fave Twitch streamers and give them the chance to enter with also a cool little extra contest which we will explain to them. 

We are all about making a fun game and we are fans of Twitch and the community it's creating so we wanted to mix the two - our way of saying thanks. 

Why are we on Kickstarter? 

Good question! We have a good chunk of the core game built and now it's about building all the fun stuff we want to add and make sure we have a huge amount of content for you guys to play once it's done. 

The Kickstarter will mostly go to helping the artist keep going and also pay for software and music. At present I have funded this along with a colleague and we can keep going on it but if we carry on the way we are it will take a very long time for the game to be released and won't allow the amount of time the game needs to be amazing. 

The Kickstarter money is basically giving us the time we need to really craft it into something we want it to be and something you guys will be happy to play .

Any stretch goals?

We don't want to over do the rewards and stretch goals because we simply don't want more money then we feel we need. However, our only stretch goal is this - if we end up getting double or close to double of what we are asking that will allow us to focus on crafting the 4 player mode we want in the game. 

The reason this currently isn't in is because we feel it has to be it's own mode with bosses and levels - we don't want to just stick 3 more people in the game and say it's mulitplayer - we want a true original version. 

This would be released as a free update sometime after release. 


That's about it! We are focusing on now getting the build ready to show press and to submit to Eurogamer and launch the Kickstarter hopefully by the weekend.

Gusto out (trying a catchphrase... I'll keep at it!)

Fighting on with Gusto!