Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Kickstarter winding down and sneak peak at a skill

Hi Gusto people. 

As the Kickstarter winds down it does not mean we are. 

We finally got the new weapon type in the game the Raiper/Dagger type weapon. To show this off we posted a little video. 

 You can see this is the speedy weapon and just to contrast that weapons do play differently we did one for the hammer as well. 

So we have been busy what that and working on the skill system. 

 What you see above is a sneak peak at how the skill will look. Its going to be fast combo damage dealing skill. However this skill will look different if you attach it to a hammer for example. The skill above is how it would look attached to a sword. 

Other then that I myself have been talking about Eternal Step on a podcast which was very exciting for us both. 

You can listen to that here. 


Remember to follow us at @omwgusto so keep up to date on whats happening. 

We will be back with another update before the Kickstarter closes. 

Gusto out. 

Fighting on with Gusto!