Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Kickstarter ended

So the Kickstarter ended and sadly we didn't get hit our target. Although that makes us a little sad we walk away feeling better about the game and the idea. 

We spoke to and showed the game to some great people who gave us good feedback and it showed us that we have a game that will work we just don't have the exposure to make it happen in a Kickstarter kind of way. 


Thoughts on Kickstarter

We maybe should have pushed for a demo on Kickstarter or something along those lines and I think not having many rewards possibly hurt us but we want to be up front and honest and not just offer you anything and everything to squeeze another pound out of you. 

So we maybe went too honest with the rewards. 

We are currently kicking around the idea of just letting people buy into the alpha and betas and try to make the game grow organically through word of mouth and the awesome guys that do want to play it. 

I think we will release a small demo maybe ten floors for people to play around in and try out some of the features in the game, so expect to see that soon. 


We haven't stopped or shut down we will carry on as before and that's just making a great game. 

So keep an eye out for possibly an option to buy the game and jump in right away and start destroying the tower floor by floor. 


For everyone that did back and take a look at our game we want to thank you for at least taking the time out to give something a shot. 


Twitch speed run was a bust!

Another thing that kind of made us sad was the lack of interest from Twitch streamers as we offered up a speed run version of the game for them to play free and have the chance of their channel being featured in a weapon or enemy. 

It was quite sad to see that they didn't want to try it and a lot of the Twitch people we emailed didn't respond we assume due to being busy....they are very busy - we still love you guys. 

So we will carry on from here and keep an eye open for more dev videos and other videos as we feature more and more in the future. 




Fighting on with Gusto!