Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Eternal Step up and progress

Hi Gusto people!

Its time for a another quick blog update to tell all you lovely people what has been happening lately and kind of a year in review. 



So our year actually started around June or July that's when we started working on Eternal Step really looking back on the original idea it was a lot more simple in terms of what we wanted to achieve but the design as it stands today is a lot more complex (this is for the better) when we started we wanted to make a quick game that people could play over and over again but then I started getting more and more ideas. 

My problem is I always design the game from the perspective of the user the person who picks up that pad and tries the game. 

This leads me to design things and add things as we go along which is a nightmare for Paul as I keep approaching the poor chap with even more ideas, I have tried to stop doing this now and push some of the stuff to possibly post release. 

So when we started Eternal Step the card system didn't even exist, we were going to do normal loot drops but then I looked at it and looked at what frustrates me about games and roguelikes and for some people its that essence of starting OVER again. 

I knew I wanted you to lose all your items but I wanted to give the user a way to keep items as well and thus out of the flames came the loot cards. 

The next thing that didn't exist was getting all your loot at the end of a floor and deciding to pick what you wanted. 

In the original game you just got the loot as it dropped much like normal loot games. The only reason the Loot system was like it was is because Paul had coded it just to test it out. 

the end result was a nice twist on it and has since stayed in. 

Monsters cards was something that we ended up coming up with quite late into the design. I wanted the user to collect monster cards, I like collecting things in games and I know a lot of other people have that itch to collect something to 100 percent. 

So I add monster cards, we then looked at these and decided to maybe add some usefulness to them and that brought us to the idea of monster cards helping you out in the tower. 

Once we had a good enough build we decided to do a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter didnt go so well and I think part of the reason for that was there was no demo etc. We had a trailer etc showing game play but I think we could have done more to push that and offer the demo to people which may of helped. 

We did try to be a bit different, I am a big watcher of Twitch and part of the design for Eternal Step is so streamers can play a game that's always action based always tense and gives them little to no fuss but also allow Speed Runners  to have a game that could be speed run within their community. 

The idea was to offer streamers a speed run version of the game and whoever posted the fastest time climbing the 20 floors would have a weapon or enemy designed after there twitch channel in the game as a prize.

I emailed a few twitch people and tried to promote this but no body actually took us up on the offer. 

So that was a bust, its a lot harder then I thought to get twitch streamers even remotely interested in looking at your game. 

After the Kickstarter failed we just carried on as normal the whole point of the kickstarter was to allow us to work full time on Eternal Step and fast track progress but sadly that didn't happen but it didn't stop us it just meant things would be slower. 

We then carried on adding systems and I said to Paul we would release the demo and try steam greenlight only once most of the features of the game are in and people can play around with them. 

This took a few months but we finally released on Steam  Greenlight around a month or so ago and people seem to be enjoying the demo. 

So what's happening now

well if you hadn't noticed we launched on steam Greenlight and you can play our demo over at IndieDB or on our website in your browser. 

We also our now part of the Build a Greenlight bundle at Groupees which you should check out if you want to grab the latest Alpha of the game before the deal ends. 


It went live and within 24 hours we tripled our votes and have been amazed as the response. Me and Paul are very grateful to anyone who has tried the game and gave feedback and voted for us. We promise to make the best possible game we can for a two man dev team :) with large ideas. 

The game is coming along and we are currently working on the 2nd Boss. The bosses take a while and can take up to 2 weeks before we can happily fight these things to death. 

It normally takes Paul a week to do the animation for the boss and then another week coding it and then testing and coding and testing and coding. 

However I will show you a sneak peak!

This guy is pretty big and his body is made of ravens and in motion he looks pretty cool I have to say! This boss is going to be all about movement. 

You thought the first boss was tough well this will test you and put to test the skills you have learnt up till now. 





This screenshot you can see one of his moves that fills the screen with ravens and leaves this tiny area as it moves around trapping you in. 

We both really like the 2nd boss and hope you guys have fun with it once its released. 

From here we hope to keep adding content and working towards Early Acess if our game does make it to steam we will do a post to explain how we aim to tackle Early Acess and what we promise we will do and wont do!


Until next time 

Gusto out!

Fighting on with Gusto!