Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Greenlit heading to Rezzed and the future!

Yesterday we at OMWG got the lovely email saying Eternal Step had been Greenlit! We are both happy and excited to be Greenlit and it's a weight off our shoulders heading towards Rezzed. We want to thank everyone who checked out the game and gave a yes or no vote. We wanted people to vote on the item honestly and we are happy that people did and we are also happy that people seem to really like the game. 

Eternal Step is an odd game to talk about and describe, it's one of those games you need spend a little time playing and we have had good reports from people who have played it. 

We also watched every 'Lets Play' that we came across and from just watching this I went back and made changes to Eternal Step. I noticed that an idea of how to play the game was needed and this added to the start of the game now. 

We have moved ahead with adding graphic updates and soon we will release another video showing you some of the changes we have made and also we have added a lot of new armour, shields and weapons. we have added our first rare monster which is King Slime and the card you get from him is amazing so he's worth the risk of killing if you come across him. 

All these changes and updates have been ongoing while we waited for Greenlight and now we have been approved we are moving forward and focusing now on the future of the game and making sure we have the best build at Rezzed in London come March. 


Rezzed will be mine and Paul's first ever convention where we are showcasing Eternal Step. We are both excited and nervous as we don't know what to expect, but we promise to bring the best build for you guys to play and we hope to see you there!

Rezzed will be a great chance for me and Paul to watch you guys try the game and take in feedback - we might realise the game's too easy and have to make it harder!!! MUWHAHAHAH.

The Future 

Eternal Step is still a fair few months away from release. The game idea has grown as we have watched people play it and I have had more crazy ideas and this has added time to the game. The features and core aspects are all in the game, it's just me and Paul want to make sure there is enough to sink your teeth into  come release. 

We are focusing on adding more enemies, more floors, more bosses and more loot and making sure content is covered and we will carry on doing update builds like we have. We don't plan on slowing down. 

There is stuff happening behind the scenes also that could be great news for Eternal Step but I feel I shouldn't speak about these yet until we have a more clear idea of what's happening.  

Early Access

I will have a better idea of what we are going to do with this soon as I know what's happening with some changes that I can't talk about. Our need for Early Access was originally for testing and people to play it. There may be another option now and I don't want to do Early Access for any other reason so we will see. 

If we do Early Access we make our manifesto which we will show people exactly what to expect and what we will and will not do with Early Access and allow people to make up their own minds. 


We want to thank everyone again who spends time checking out our game or our website etc.  Here is to 2015 and the release of Eternal Step!!

Fighting on with Gusto!