Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Eternal Step Demo removal

Hi Guys 


We wanted to make you all aware that next week we will be pulling down the demo from various websites. Why do this? I hear you scream. The main reason is the game has progressed so much that the old demo doesn't really show the current state of the game. 

We released the demo originally to show people Eternal Step and get them to check it out and show them what we have created, since then we have added a load of new stuff and these demo's are becoming more and more outdated. 

However we did update the demo's twice one was the day after we posted them. It however is time consuming to keep doing this and we think lots of people have tried the the demo and enjoyed it. 

We are now heading towards release which is a few months away and we are also at Rezzed showcasing the lasted build so people can come try it out there. 

So if you wanted to try the demo this is your last chance to try it out we are at IndieDB or you can find us on Gamejolt or Newgrounds to get your fix. 

Until next time!

Fighting on with Gusto!