Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Trade till your hearts content!


We are happy to say the trading system is now currently in the game and will be in the Rezzed build hopefully!

This was our answer to allow the player to get rid of unwanted cards they may not use. 

I prefer a fast play style and as such dont really use MEGA hammers so this gives me a chance to use some up. 

armor card 4 copy.png

as you can see from the above picture the top right now has two values the first number is the how much that card is worth if you break it down. 

the 2nd value is the worth of the card and the little circles under it now shows you how rare a card is. 

This is the fragment window and as you can see each section has a cost. 

So if you break down a weapon it gives you weapon fragments to use to crate a weapon card you might want. 

We wanted to still have some control over how you use your cards and instead of having you spend the fragments on anything allowing you to always have the best weapons etc we have restricted it so you make a tougher choice. 

Of course there is a downfall to breaking the card down. One you lose the card and two the more rare the card the more cards you have to trade for it, this could leave you high and dry when you die and have used up that rare card. 

As always we are focused now on adding more content and working towards the 3rd boss!


Until next time. 

Fighting on with Gusto!