Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

After Rezzed


So its that time again for another update and this one is about how we got on with Rezzed.

It was the first time me and Paul had been to a expo so we wasnt sure what to expect. However we had a great time and was fun to watch people actually play Eternal Step. 

the first day we watched people and it became clear that giving players the option of picking equipment at the start was the wrong idea. People would often wonder what they where doing and sometimes press B backing out having to start again. 

It became clear to me Paul that even with all the information on screen people simply didn't want to read text and just get right into the game. 

this meant that on the first night me and Paul actually stopped up till 2am in the morning tweaking the build, so that on day 2 the game would throw you right into the action and didnt let you pick any weapons etc. 

we noticed right away this helped people and gave people a better taste of Eternal Step. 

It still is really interesting watching people play your game, we have gone for the world of having PC manuales the size of books which people would sit and read to having people not wanting to really read anything and go right into the game. 

the main thing we notiched from Rezzed was people simply didnt think to use a potion or know where the potion button was (even if it did say in controls). 

we also saw people not fully understand why they where getting cards at the end of a floor and people no understand how to use skills. 

we saw people use thier potions right away testing controls and all manor of things. 

This has lead me and Paul to make sure we take the feedback and pump it back into the game. 

So some changes that are coming. 


1. we have now added thumbstick support for the pad ( we noticed a lot of people not notice its Dpad, this was more notciable on younger gamers who dont remeber the fabled days of Dpad. 

2. you cant use a potion if your at 100 percent health ( this is to stop people wasting potions when trying out controls, you can press the button but the hero wont use the potion and will shake his head)

3. add a warning and pause the game to explain your almost dead and to use a potion ( we need to explain this while near death, most people simply didn't look at the controls long enough to realise to use a potion) 

4. pop up text to help aid information flow in the game. ( when most people got to a potion refill they would stand there trying to hit it for 10 seconds expecting it to do something, even though again this was explained we need to make it clear) So now what will happen is the first time you see one some pop up text will explain what it does. 

5. add a pause into the game once you get SKILL to explain you have a skill and how to use it ( people simply didnt use skills unless we told them about it) 

6. show you collecting loot ( we noticed some people didnt realise why they where getting 


those are some of the things we think need changing and adding to make the game better and this is all direct feedback we got from you guys playing the game. 

one thing we felt we didn't need to change was the difficulty most people only got to floor 12 before they died the first time which wasn't to bad for a first go. 

HOWEVER, we made the EGX build easy, the player got a 50 percent boost in rare loot and potion refills and also a boost in level starting at level 10. 

even with these changes people still died A LOT. 

However one person did get to floor 15, which was his 2nd attempt, he wore a grey hat if I remember and he was very good at the game showing some skills and tactics you only pick up after having a good go. 

So congrats to that man whoever you are. 

So now we are back we are going right into the game and working on the changes and also adding new stuff. 

Our aim now is to the add the new enemies and work towards the 3rd boss. 

We are also now looking at ranged combat and magic to put into the mix. 

So keep checking back for more information about the progress we are making. 

gusto out!

Fighting on with Gusto!