Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Another update and some new music

It has been a while since the last update which was after Rezzed. Now we have calmed down from all that and taken all the feedback we got on board we have moved on to making more awesome stuff for Eternal Step.

We have now added 3 new enemies which makes a total of 12 enemies in the game that are added gradually but by floor 40 upwards you have the chance of coming across all 12. This mixes up the floors by adding new enemies with old enemies and shaking things up.

It also means that older enemies also get new moves to stop them feeling too stale. We have also added 3 new monsters cards. I will tell you that one of the cards now allows LOOT to be dropped from smashing pots finally!!!

We also now have over 90 layouts in the game. The way floors work is that the game will pick one floor out of those 90, this means the higher you go the smaller and smaller chance you have of getting a repeated floor and also means there are new floors to add some spice to the mix.There's a good chance that even with a fair few playthoughs there might be one or two floors you haven't come across.

We still have many plans for more enemies and more bosses and mini bosses and other things but this is coming down the line and we will share details with you closer to the time.

We have also added a new trap - the trapfloor. The trapfloor does exactly what it says - it will drop you a floor or three! That's right the trap actually has a chance of dropping you down 1, 2 or 3 floors so you may want to avoid this trap if you're trying to make good progress!

We have also added a number of bug fixes etc to make the game run more smoothly and we have added a adjustable diffculty scale which now increases defence and health of enemies to allow us to better scale enemies as you climb.

At the moment we are now working on the new boss this will be the 4th boss and this one will mix things up a little as he won't feature a set patten so you will have to learn his tells and his attacks to come out alive on this one.

Finally we have also had a new piece of music which will now play whenever you bump into a RARE monster

We felt we should share this piece of music with you all because i'ts amazing!

It's awesome right!?

On that note we shall leave it there.

We just wanted to show we are still going and working hard to make the game great. We will be showing more soon and also our ideas of how we will carry on supporting the game and making it awesome.

Until then...

Gusto out!

Fighting on with Gusto!