Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Playfire Feedback


Today we were graced with feedback following the beta event we ran with Playfire - the results are in! First I want to say thanks to anyone who tried the game and left feedback - it was good to read through your answers, and to the person who kept writing 'see Q1', we salute you for your no nonsense approach saying everything you need to say from the get go :)

This was the first real time lots of people got their hands on the game and I think me and Paul are just happy that people didn't out right say it was shite!

For us designing it, everything makes sense and just works but that's because we have design blinkers on, so it was a nice to see a different side of the game.

So this blog is for you Playfire, and to address the issues and suggestions that you came up with. If anything we don't want to be a faceless company that ignores feedback or the community or try and sell you Red Bull....

So I think I will address the biggest thing you guys mentioned – keyboard controls.


Change the keys please!

A lot of you agreed that the keyboard controls were a little hard to understand, and as I said although fine for me and Paul as we designed it with our blinkers on, it seems a lot of you didn't like the key set up.

So, let’s fix it! We will change the controls to include mouse support, and we will also aim to have the books and menus work with a mouse click as most of you wanted to select cards with the mouse button.

So our idea is this:

·         WSAD to move as before

·         Left Mouse will attack

·         Right Mouse will block

·         Shift will dodge roll

·         Q and E will use weapon skills, and R will use a potion.


We hope that setup will play better when going forward.


The controls on a Gamepad seemed to be fine and most people liked them.

On a side note, it seems a few of you got to floor 20 which is great news and congrats on getting to that floor! I hope you used the checkpoint when trying to fight the boss, and didn't go from floor 1 again!!

Explain your stuff

The next big thing was more explanation to some of the game menus and systems in the game.



We have tried to add tooltips etc around the game when selecting cards etc and in the menu. However it's clear we need to do some kind of tutorial to explain the game and some of it’s more complex bits. So we will be adding a few floors to the start that will explain things, and will walk you through the bits of the game like collecting cards at the end.


Equipment & Loot

The original idea of the game was to basically give you random card drops. This can lead to you getting the same card over and over with the idea you will store it into your book for when you try again. Also we added the fragments so that you could break down old cards you didn't want to enable you to craft a new card you did want; the idea being that if you ran out of a certain rare weapon you really liked, you could trade older cards in to get that weapon back.


At the start, it's easy to use the first weapon, armour and shield you get, but higher up it really pays to use better equipment. The reason you get the same cards over and over is because you use them up each time you enter, so using the better equipment is a risk – If you die, you'll have less to go back in with.


We feel this needs to be explained better for people to understand it so we will try our best to do this for you guys going forward. We will also add more details to the cards, especially the monster cards, as it's currently not clear what a lot of them do.


Each monster card has a unique thing it does, for example one will let items drop from pots (yes so all that pot smashing actually does something!), whilst another one will let a dog appear to deliver you another potion, and so on.


Interface & UI

Which brings us to the UI. Some people said they would like the potions to be on the main screen, to which I have to reply that they actually are! If you look at the hero's belt you can see how many potions you have. We added a health bar above the stamina bar for when you're getting hit so at a glance you can see your health.  


You also will always start the game with 2 potions, these can be upgraded when you earn enough levels to upgrade certain stats - once you reach level 5.


We wanted to keep the UI as clean as possible, as a lot of things happen on screen. We tried to do this by adding the important stuff to the hero himself like potions etc. We didn't want to keep pulling your attention to the corner of the screen, but this is something we will carry on monitoring.

Attack speeds

Another thing some people had trouble with was that weapons had different attack speeds. Therefore, we’ll add attack speed to cards to better tell you which weapons are like swinging a elephant around and which ones are not!  

Animation speeds - some people explained that the running animation felt slidey or floaty, so we have now changed the start up and stop speeds to make it seem less sliding across the floor

The rest

That covers the main points that people mentioned in the survey. However, we won't stop there! We’ll carry on adding things like more loot then you know what to do with, and more rare monsters, bosses and all sorts of stuff!


We are happy to hear that people liked the combat. Some people said they learnt the enemies attacks and found it easier to kill them, which is good. The idea is not to always give you an enemy you can't figure out, but the idea is as you get better you get more badass. However keep in mind the archers, the warriors, and the slimes all learn new moves after certain floors, and this will carry on!


We also plan to add more treasure and evil floors going forward, and also some floors that may be a little more puzzle based, however the puzzle based ones will be skippable. If you skip them you'll just lose out on the rare item you could have had, but we don't want to force them upon you.  


We want to say thanks to you guys for the feedback and hopefully we can now improve the game going forward.



Fighting on with Gusto!