Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

Long time no see and huge updates!

Explain yourself OMWG! What have you been doing?

Hello, I know it's been a while since we last blogged .  You see things have been busy, very busy. 

As some of you may be aware, for me making games is part time to my actual day job. I have also just moved house and had a new kitchen fitted and am also going though a busy time at work. 

This, however, doesn't mean that Eternal Step hasn't been pushing full steam ahead. 

I have to say a big thanks to Paul as I mostly sit and design stuff and play-test and do the admin between work. Paul works on Eternal Step 5 days a week with animation and coding.

So while I earn money to make sure somethings are paid and that life can carry on, Paul cracks on with the game. 

I also have to say a thanks to him for putting up with my changes and suggestions and tweaks. I know it gets up his nose and I do hold back on somethings. There's a few things I'd like to see in Eternal Step but currently they're beyond our reach in terms of scale. 

OMWG probably is a little chaotic compared to anywhere else. We don't do a lot of planning, I don't horde over sheets and sheets of design. 

I stopped doing game bibles or game design documents a while back for the simple reason that no one reads them, sadly. I often waste weeks writing it all down to then just be asked the question and have to explain it anyway. 

I think due to the fact OMWG is just two guys it allows us the freedom to be more risky with design. It's very easy for me and Paul to come up with an idea and go yep try it. Then if it doesn't work it doesn't work. Could we do with if I had a team of 30 and hundreds of thousands of pounds riding on it...? Totally not! Would be crazy to spend dev time making features on a whim. 

OMWG I would think is about testing out ideas and allowing the freedom to experiment within the design. I'm not in the industry to change people's mind or to tell my message through the media of gaming. 

I come up with ideas and simply want to make games that I would find interesting. I've been playing games since the age of 5 and for anyone playing games for years you get a sense of what you like or dislike . Same for us. Eternal Step is simply a game that is about doing something within 5 mins. 

I love huge sprawling epic games with long build ups and deep and complex systems, but sometimes after I come home from work or sit and have 30 mins to kill I just want something that I can jump into, kill stuff, and jump out. 

I always wanted Eternal Step to be that game you could always come back to, and as me and Paul expand the game post release hopefully it is. The game never ends so you can keep pushing and getting that quick fix. 

Ideally we would love a community that settles around the game, challenging each other to get the highest floor or the quickest time. 

Eternal Step may not be ground breaking in terms of visuals or as thoughtful as some indie games like Papers Please. To me, however, Eternal Step scratches that itch within 15 mins you'll have gone for a high of getting past a floor or getting a piece of loot to the tense moment of just living through that onslaught of enemies to the sheer anger of dying to a silly mistake you made. 

It's just pure gameplay squeezed into something simple and given to you as an honest product, no bells or whistles attached. 

To be honest I think I would always like OMWG to be small and make smallish games but we shall see. 

So since the last blog Eternal Step has changed a lot and I shall bullet point some of things. 

  •  New tutorial sections: these are as non-intrusive to gam play as can be, we have gone for small on screen tells and info to try and point out stuff to you without hand holding. 
  • New floors: the game now has 99 floors worth of content with it soon being 100, the later floors become more complex in shape and design allowing for some better set pieces and believe me some of these are hard. 
  • New enemies: we have added 6 new enemies I believe, it could be more since the last time I blogged to round out the roster. So once you get past floor 100 you have the chance of bumping into around 12 different normal enemy types, we of course plan to add even more. 
  • Lots of new cards: we have filled out the first page of some of the card sheets as a minimum with some now actually taking up a 2nd page. We have added a monster card for each enemy and added some funky weapons and armours. We plan before release to add even more cards and then past release you just watch the loot fly in. 
  • Added a new trap: we have added a new trap which is the trap door. Standing on this for any length of time will make you drop down up to 3 floors below so be careful! 
  • Another boss: we added the third boss to the game and we are planning currently to add the fourth boss which will be at floor 100 for you to tackle. 
  • Changes to pause screen: we changed the way the game paused to make it better and quicker. 
  • We speeded up the selecting of cards from books: at the start of the game you can pick your cards, however this was slow and was taking up to much time. Especially with our idea post launch we needed to speed this up, so we have. 
  • Go into the tower with basic equipment and bypass the books: for people who just want to go into the tower with standard gear ( for grinding or loot farming or just progression) we have added this option to allow you to go right in cutting down on the time between runs. 
  • Scaled the games difficulty: we have scaled the game to make it easier at the start but then get harder later on, this was to give people a fighting chance at the start. 
  • Tweaked defense and other stats: we have balanced out some stats making it  more in line with what we wanted. 
  • You now get a level up emblem every 5 levels: we choose to increase the amount of emblems you get, allowing you to spend this to greater level up your guy and break the balance of the game :) 
  • Added a load more music: we have added a load more music to feature in the upper floors and of course got the amazing Lucky Lion Studios to write us some boss music. 
  • Added a rare enemy music: when a rare enemy now spawns you just hear a kick ass piece of music to get you pumped. 
  • Tweet out your death: we are currently finishing up on doing a way to tweet out your death to say which floor you got to and provide a screenshot to post. We would love this to be more integrated into the game but sadly this is the best solution we could find but if you ever wanted bragging rights this is it!
  • The game is now running on Steam: we got the game running on Steam so our testing has now moved there, we hope to add some Steam features to the game before release but we will see how things go. At the very least we want Steam cards for you guys. 


Those are pretty much the main ones I can think of, as you can see we have added a lot to the game in the time we have been working on since the last blog. Some of the things changes here are from feedback from Rezzed which was a fun time for us. 

There are lots of bug fixes and issues we spotted along the way getting here but if we were to list every one this blog would never end. 

Eternal Step is currently now in beta and you should hear more soon on the game as we work towards release. 

Thanks again for checking out the game and keep your eyes open for more info on the game soon!!!!!!!


Fighting on with Gusto!