Once More With Gusto

Once More With Gusto

Game studio in the UK called OMWG. 

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Once More With Gusto
Based in UK

Founding date:
March, 2014



Press / Business Contact:


Currently None (sad panda face)


OMWG is a game studio with 2 people, that believes in making games fun and making games we want to make. We might be a little odd and bizarre but don't worry you only have to play our games......FOR NOW!!. 

We have only one core rule and that's to be true to ourselves - we can't stand PR nonsense and we will always be upfront and honest about our games and the community that might follow. 



Two students struggling to live off spam and chicken soup with pepper (hidden secret when chicken soup costs 5p a tin - adds all the flavour) 

Both grew up with an idea that they wanted to make games and so went to university to study in their respective fields - one studied games design, the other animation. 

After having some success pitching game ideas for competitions they both started something that would be the future... IT WASN'T IT CRASHED AND BURNED AND WE ARE BITTER... Just kidding... well about the bitter bit anyway. 

Forward on to the present and life is very different - we have both got 'normal' jobs but haven't lost the itch to get involved with making games and so we have saved and waited and crafted something new and here we are now: 

OWMG's First Game: Eternal Step

So what is Eternal Step? It's our answer to MMO grinding. While playing a lot of MMOs we came across people who would just grind to max level, so we sat and pondered this and asked the great tree of knowledge "why do people do this tree?" Well it didn't answer - it's a tree... they don't speak unless they're from Middle Earth. 

But we had the idea of taking that concept and building around it - we wanted to create a game that a player could keep playing and it would increase in challenge while rewarding the player. Thus we threw loot at people and then add random elements and took some of our fave games for inspiration, like Dark Souls, and Bullet Hell games, and MMO raiding, and other Rogue-like lovableness. That all came together and Eternal Step was born. 

It's a Rogue-like game that's built around fighting floor after floor of enemies while equipping yourself with more weapons, more skills and leveling up, with epic boss fights and rare monsters.... and trading cards all stitched together.  


Eternal Step is now on Greenlight!

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